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Meet Lisa!




 Welcome to The Mindful Nest!   


As a registered/licensed dietitian for over 25 years and a mindfulness teacher for 10 years within healthcare systems and individual/group counseling, I have come to know that the true foundation of health and well-being comes from within each of us. It includes all aspects of our life, including a balance of adequate nutrition and physical activity, restorative sleep habits, well-managed life stress, a sense of community and healthy relationships, a positive self-image and kindness to ourselves. 


My dedicated and deep-rooted practice of mindfulness and meditation for over 15 years has had a lasting and profound impact in my life.  This led to 5 years of deep personal inquiry and intense teacher training.   My love and passion for sharing mindfulness with others has developed into my life’s work.


Join me here at the studio for a class or program if you are within my community or hop on a virtual call if there is distance between us.  I may also see you at Lehigh Valley Health System or Shanthi Project of Bethlehem where I share my love of mindfulness with community, employees and college students.  Look forward to meeting and practicing with you.


With Kind Regards,



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